Friday, 3 July 2009


Virginia began singing Johan Sebastian Bach and baroque music in Catholic churches choirs in Salvador, where she learned to read music. Being a poor girl, she taught herself basic piano in order to accompany herself when she practiced.  

She was an aspiring actress and singer when she caught the ear of Brazilian singer/songwriter Caetano Veloso who was so impressed with her sensuous vocals that he helped her to get a recording contract: "To hear this celestial voice coming out of the plump body of a robust black woman moved me greatly. Her voice transcends the distinction between erudite and popular.” 

He was not alone in his praise, according to The New York Times she is “the new voice in Brazilian music, and very fascinating because she's almost like post-modern samba, like a return to the roots." On her concerts, she balances 'a cappella' tunes with songs accompaniment of harp, contrabass or berimbau and percussion - in the case of her latest album, cello e piano.

Virginia Rodrigues - singer | Alex Mesquita - guitar

After the concert, a Brazilian party with DJ Paulao!

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