Thursday, 9 April 2009


Beirão & os Filhos de Dona Nereide
June 28, 2008 Bimhuis Amsterdam

Beirão was born in Ceará - the heart of the Brazilian Northeast - and grew up in Brasília, the modern capital of Brazil. Projected by famous architect Oscar Niemeyer as an urban alive artwork, Brasília was the stage for the new alternative rock bands of the 80’s, which changed the face of the Brazilian music.

Keeping his loyalty to Northeastern musical icons such as Jackson do Pandeiro and Luis Gonzaga, Beirão has developed his own mix, creating an exciting fusion and has kept his eyes wide open to the new artists such as Legião Urbana, Capital Inicial and Cássia Eller. His concert is the powerful result of the best mix of these two influences.

Beirão voice – guitar – viola, Rodrigo Marchevsky accordion, Julien sax, Nema Lopes drums, Edson Gomes percussion, Jura Gomes bass – backing vocal and Ivan Seiler triangle – backing vocal

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