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Virtuosic, brilliant and unique are some of the adjectives used to describe this musician who sets world audiences ablaze, developing a career studded with awards.

Hamilton de Holanda started to play at 5 on a traditional 8-string “bandolim” (Brazilian mandolin). Later he added two extra strings to a total count of 10 and reinvented it by disentangling this emblematic Brazilian instrument from the legacy of some of its influences and styles to make it a global instrument. In the US, the press soon dubbed him the “Jimi Hendrix of bandolim”.

His latest production, “BRASILIANOS 2” (2008) is the continuation of his effort for accessibility of the modern Brazilian music to the large public. Hamilton combines dazzling playing with a performance filled with emotion. He is utterly versatile, and feels at ease in any type of line-up: solo, with an orchestra, duet, power trio, quintet…. He is currently touring with his award-winner band, Hamilton de Holanda Quintet.

The charisma and contagious enthusiasm of the Hamilton de Holanda Quintet on stage, and its impeccable play overflowing with erudite inventiveness, make it one of the most remarkable bands of the new generation of performers and composers of contemporary Brazilian music.

Hamilton de Holanda: 10 strings mandolin | Gabriel Grossi: harmonica | Daniel Santiago: guitar | Andre Vasconcelos: bas | Marcio Villa Bahia: drums

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