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2008 - CHEERS! (article)

BIMHUIS July 2008

by Annemieke Claassens

How modest the samba sounded by Teresa Cristina, how exuberant and lively here with Mart'nalia and her group, mainly consisting of young percussionists (among them an impressive lady on the tambourim, who appeared to be her sister Analimar) bass and guitar in an attending role and a master on cavaquinho (what a sound for such a small instrument!) From the moment that the singer, who must be known also for her great smile, came on to the stage until the encore, it appeared that she was in total control of the whole thing, in spite of the little can of real Dutch bear (I can't make any publicity, of course) that she was carrying and with what she toasted in several languages ("Proost!"), she maintained control over the ongoing train that produced a tight and solid as a rock samba-repertoire, word by word sung by almost the whole audience, at least that part of the audience that was familiar with the always beautiful Brazilian language, and that was almost everybody. All breaks were tight as hell and when Mart'nalia in a probably really spontaneous action gave the opportunity to one of the percussionists to fill in one of this breaks, the poor guy was so surprised that there was a little moment of total silence (the only moment of the whole concert), but we can't exclude that also this moment was staged before. No "would be" modernity, but pure samba, which she already much have heard in her cradle, being the daughter of famous samba-king Martinho da Vila and which she served with a fresh sauce. You really felt if you were actually there, on the carnival in Rio, where you would hear all the well-known samba's from for example Vinicius de Moraes (Formosa!).

In short, party-time!

I (because I used to be one myself, way back when a DJ was still an ordinary disc-jockey) felt almost sorry for the DJ, who had to play after this concert; 'cause what can you play after a concert like this? But one of my favourite samba's Vai Passar from the one and only Chico Buarque (could you bring him to Holland once, ladies of A Hora do Brasil, cause you can fix everything now, so it seems!) came immediately after the concert out of the speakers in the smoke-free Bimhuis and the party started all over again. You even didn't feel the urge to go outside for "smirting" *
No, the hotspot was inside the Bimhuis-café at that moment, but fortunately there was free water everywhere, you can leave that to the queens of the A Hora do Brasil Foundation (or the Bimhuis must be a fast student in Brasiology!)

Heard: 16-7-08 Mart'nalia & group, Bimhuis

* (smoking and flirting together outside where you can't smoke inside)

Concept Neyde Lantyer
Project Coordinator Claudia Trajano
Executive Production Claudia Trajano, Neyde Lantyer and Bimhuis
Support Julia Abreu de Souza, Luana Ferreira and Arlete Velu
Photos Georg Grosman
Video Shooting Harry Mertens
Flyer design Martin Lapenna
Sponsors Amsterdam Fonds Voor de Kunst and The Brazilian Embassy in The Hague

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